Children of Midnight

I have always known that the Bates Outing Club participates in a handful of shenanigans, but this never fully materialized for me until tonight. Being a part of the Bates community means that you receive a hefty stack of announce emails each day, and the Outing Club ones never fail to be quirky meets eccentric. They host a plethora of hiking and ski trips in addition to many into the wild excursions.

Tonight, while writing some notes out for my class, my friend told me that the BOC was hosting “Children of Midnight.” Since I usually work midnight and beyond, of course I had to come when I heard that they were releasing flying sky lanterns tonight. It is snowing heavily in Maine today, and all the pathways glisten and sparkle with fresh crystals of snow. The purity of the snow combined with the warm light of the lanterns created such a mystical ambiance that was entirely beautiful. Batesies trekked up (I mean, trekked up) Mt. David to release the sky lanterns. While walking up, I slipped on some ice, causing my friend Laura to fall and the domino effect ensued. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile walk up and despite the cold, everyone had a great time!

Here are some photos! I have always thought of flying sky lanterns as the perfect way to end a wedding reception, but they are also fun to just let go on any night!




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